Concerts at the Ideal Palace

Cheval, the Ideal Palace and music: a unique experience for both the public and the artists invited every year!

The Ideal Palace Concerts take place in an intimate green setting, for Ferdinand Cheval built his Palace in his vegetable garden. Artists were attracted by the site, the idea and the monumental work of Ferdinand Cheval. You get to see this unique work in another light and enjoy a special closeness to the artists.

Louis Chedid rend visite au Facteur Cheval

Saturday 23 July 2011 à 21h00

Pour sa première visite au Palais idéal, elle se fera en musique avec une jolie dédicace au Facteur Cheval « On ne dit jamais assez aux gens qu’on aime qu’on les aime… »

Louis Chedid

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