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Groups visits

Duration: 1H

Guided Tours

Groups of 15 to 50 participants – On reservation
80 €

The visit begins on the East façade with a short introduction to the postman’s biography. It continues around the monument, an opportunity to observe a multitude of essential details to understand how Joseph Ferdinand Cheval’s work is unique. Techniques, materials, quotations, sources of inspiration… We measure the genius and the work of a single man. The visit ends in the museum, with tributes paid by many artists to the famous Hauterives postman.

Duration: 1H


The visit begins with an illustrated “imagier” (picture folder). The children’s task is to find the different characters, animals and ornaments represented in the Palace. The children then have the opportunity to colour their treasure map and discover the museum area. Depending on availability, a guide from the Palace may be available to answer the children’s questions.

Duration: 1H


It’s a quiz that awaits you, with slightly offbeat questions on art, history, architecture and the life of our famous postman.

Let your imagination and observation do the talking! You can play alone but it’s more stimulating in a team! A small lexicon helps you find the right answers… Depending on availability, a guide can answer all your questions.

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Bookshop & souvenir shop

After your visit, drop by the shop. You’ll find lovely souvenirs and unique gift ideas such as art and history books, arts and crafts, colouring books, children’s games, postcards, artist’s posters…