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After your visit, drop by the shop. You’ll find lovely souvenirs and unique gift ideas such as art and history books, arts and crafts, colouring books, children’s games, postcards, artist’s posters…

Some works available in the palace boutique

Le Palais idéal du facteur Cheval

Clovis Prévost, Claude Prévost, Jean-Pierre Jouve

The “Bible” of le Palais idéal.
Through a very in-depth and documented study, this work is the richest of the entire collection on the Palais idéal. Perfect for those who wish to become inexhaustible on the work in its context, on its builder and on rural life in the 19th century in the Drôme des Collines.

Authors: Clovis Prévost, Claude Prévost, Jean-Pierre Jouve
Publisher: Arie Éditions
Dimensions: 23 x 28 cm
Number of pages: 392 p.
Sales price: €55